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The Victorian Romantic Tarot, Russian version

Short description

A wonderfully evocative, romantic deck with gorgeous pictures. Voted "Deck of the Year" 2006 at Aeclectic Tarot Forum, this is an authentic re-working of 19th century art which is also a great working deck. Many readers find this a particularly good deck for looking at a range of relationship issues, as the pictures are narrative and really do "tell a story" when they're laid out in a spread, making them ideal for intuitive readings.

Fully illustrated with 78 cards that follow the popular Rider Waite Smith tarot structure, so they are easy to read "out of the box". The images are based on antique engravings, many of which are now rare, so these cards are both authentic and unique.

This is the Russian version, published under license from us. It's essentially the same deck, but has titles in Russian. There is also a new Emperor card.

More details
  • All titles are in Russian.
  • There is one new card – an alternative Emperor (see pictures).
  • The cards are the same size as the original Victorian Romantic deck - 78cm*128cm.
  • Cardstock is good quality playing card stock (it has an internal carbon layer to protect against bends and creases) with a light varnish./li>
  • There is a maximum order of THREE decks to each buyer. We will automatically cancel any repeat order to the same address unless this is agreed in advance by email (we do know that some people get together to order so we can sometimes arrange this by agreement).
  • From time to time we will also have some special limited edition bags made in brocades and vintage kimono silks to go with this deck.

Sadly, we can't wholesale this deck – sorry to our wholesale buyers but we simply don't have enough decks to supply them wholesale.