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TWO copies of The Little Czech Oracle deck


We are now only able to sell these decks in a pack of TWO copies.
This is because postage costs have gone up so much because of the pandemic, that if we sell only one deck, the postage costs us more than the price of the deck! So the price shown is for TWO copies - and yes, it's very good value!

This is a charming, wistful oracle deck that's actually surprisingly good to use. Drawn by Czech actress, Iva Huttnerova, in a rather 1930s style. Thirty-two cards in a clear plastic box with booklet in Czech - however, as the cards all include titles in English, Czech, German and French it's easy to work out the basic meanings. We now sell these decks only in a set of TWO copies.

Please note that we are not the producers or publishers of this deck. It's simply a deck that we like and that we stock as a courtesy as it can be hard to find outside Czech Republic. Sadly, we can't supply information about cardstock, print run etc because we don't have these details.