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Gold Maze. Japanese vintage silk foldover pouch. Slight seconds.

£22.00 £34.80
Short description

Slight seconds. These were not sewn by our usual seamstress and the bags are a little less perfect (the slope on the foldover flap varies in shape - though this won't matter if you are only buying one and not trying to match a pair). They are also less padded/stiffened than our usual bags. Great reduction in price to allow for this.

This beautifully patterned pure silk - with gold metallic threads - is cut from a vintage Japanese obi belt - as these belts are not large, this bag is made in very limited numbers.

More details
  • Good size to fit most tarot decks (and/or reading glasses!) 6.8  * 4.6 inches  (17 * 12 cm).
  • Fully lined in a gorgeous Japanese kimono pure silk.
  • Enhanced with Bababarock Limited Edition label.