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The Tarot of Prague Companion Book.


Short description

Please note that the 2016 companion book may have a different cover from the one shown here.

The 2003 Tarot of Prague companion book has been described as one of the best deck companion books ever produced! We don't know about that, but we can say that it's an excellent and detailed guide to the deck, and to the symbolism and the art and architecture on which it's based.

It's been updated for the third, 2016, version of the deck.

This is a pre-order. The book will be available April/May 2016 and pre-orders will be shipped then.

More details
  • New introduction to the new 2016 version of the deck.
  • Many black and white illustrations.
  • Key words and phrases for each card for quick reference.
  • Comprehensive descriptions of the range of interpretations for each card.
  • Information about the artwork sources used for the imagery.
  • Special spreads section.
  • Good quality soft-cover edition.