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The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot — standard deck, second edition with cold-stamping.


Sold out, but we will be doing a second print-run.

Our first run had some decks with small print faults (story of our lives - we have now checked every deck by hand!) so we ended up with fewer than expected. They have also been selling faster than we anticipated. So... we are doing a second run as soon as we can, but it will be quite small. We hope it will be available around February next year.  It will be the same deck with no changes as it's simply a re-run to make up for the mis-prints and to fulfill the demand. Many thanks for your patience if you are hoping to order!

Existing pre-orders should be shipping as normal throughout November and into December.


The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot was originally published by us in 2006, but has been out of print for many years. After many (many) requests, and as we feel that our ability to add cold-stamping now brings a whole new visual level to the cards, we are making a splendid second edition. Everything is made in Europe as we don't send any files to countries that have a record of counterfeiting. This helps to protect your deck from being copied.

Some shipping (companion books only) began as planned in September 2020. However, most shipping will be done in late October and through November and possibly into December. This is mainly because Covid restrictions had more effect on both our print company and our own studio than expected. 

All items ordered with a pre-order will be sent at the same time when the deck is available. If you would like to have any items sent earlier, please place them in a separate order.

Lively, humorous and utterly engaging, The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot is based on the illustrations of 19th century French illustrator, J.J. Grandville. Known as the "Father of Surrealism", Grandville was a huge influence on artists such as Tenniel, the first illustrator of Alice in Wonderland (and also a huge influence on Baba Studio of course!). His pictures are cynical, funny, bitter and sweet - and make for a deck that manages to be both timeless and true.

  • 78 fully-illustrated scenic cards based on Rider Waite Smith (RWS) tarot pattern.
  • The cards are a generous size - 128*78mm (about 5 inches by 3 inches).
  • Challenging, witty images that invite you to use your imagination and  intuition.
  • The images are taken from our original books. Our Les Métamorphoses du Jour book is an original from 1847, with hand-coloured imagery. This helps to give our images their fantastic, detailed quality.
  • Painstakingly cold-stamped. We use subtle cold-stamping throughout the whole image - this makes the card "flash" with metallic colours when the light hits it. Please see the individual card pictures (which are our test prints) for how this will look.
  • Printed in Europe on high-quality German-made 330 gram playing card stock with a carbon inner layer to protect against bending and creasing.
  • Lightly varnished for durability without a plastic feeling - the finish is fairly matte.
  • Sturdy hinged box for long-term storage. This is also cold-stamped.
  • Booklet with meanings and guide for use.

We also have optional items listed separately. These include:

  • Extensive and highly-illustrated full companion book (extensively changed for this edition) with coloured card illustrations! There is a pre-order discount available for the book.
  • Limited edition Fantastic Managerie Tarot bags — with prints from the cards and with high-quality silk velvet. For 20% off these bags, please use code: