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  • The Tarot of Prague

    The Tarot of Prague The cards of The Magic City

  • The Mythical Creatures Tarot

    Fabulous creatures from myth and magic

  • The Alice Tarot

    A path to Wonderland

  • The Bohemian Gothic Tarot

    A deck of dark shadows

Designed in our own studio in Killarney, Ireland

Handmade by our small team in Ireland and Czech Republic

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Heart Charms - invoke, wish and enjoy.

Make your own magic! Our new Love Heart Charms are a way to bring a little enchantment into your home. Beautifully embroidered by us, on a variety of wonderful antique and  vintage fabrics, combined with silk velvet.

The heart is backed with the silk-velvet that we know you love. The lined, embroidered pocket on the back is for you to add your own special, wishful elements. 
How to prepare your Love Heart Charm.

Gather elements for your wish that carry emotion and memory - a photo or drawing, a written hope or wish, a small gemstone, some herbs, a fragment of cloth with a history...

* Make your wish - Add your choices to the pocket of your Love Heart Charm and Invoke your wish. Then hang your charm where you will see it daily and remember what you wish for.

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